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The Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance (GANA) -- _was_ a member of The Abolition 2000 Network, A Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

This organisation ceased to exist as of September 2008. Ak Malten's new organization Pro Peaceful Energy Use and website can be found at:

But I regard this old website still a useful tool for everyone interested in Nuclear Weapons and International Law. So that is why it is still here.

Ak Malten, Pro Peaceful Energy Use

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GANA's Website introduction   
Information about GANA's Website and Organisation:

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GANA's Website introduction   

Under the Document-index you will find:

The complete texts of the Advisory Opinions of the International Court of Justice, including all the appendings of ALL the Judges on the Legality of Nuclear Weapons.

The complete texts of the Canberra Commission Report.

The complete texts of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

The Gas Protocol of The Hague Convention 1925.

The Nuremberg Principles.

The 'Model' Nuclear Weapon Convention.

Documents and articles on Proliferation, Non-Proliferation and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons....

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GANA's Website introduction   

Under the Manifesto-index you will find:

the ABOLITION 2000 STATEMENT (in English and Dutch)

And the Background paper on The Abolition 2000 Network (in English and Dutch)

The Moorea Declaration, Supplement to the Abolition 2000 Founding Statement

Pope's Representative Calls for Nuclear Abolition

The Statement on Nuclear Weapons by International Generals and Admirals

The Statement of Purpose of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Days 1997....

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GANA's Website introduction   

Under the Hot-links you will find:

Hot-links to Abolition 2000 Network and other Websites....

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GANA's Website introduction   
Working groups-index:

Under the Workinggroups-index you will find:

Abolition 2000 US-India Working Group documents

Abolition 2000 Citizens Inspection Working Group

Other things where GANA is, or I am personal involved in....

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GANA's Website introduction   

Under the News-index you will find:


information on GANA's news feeds:


and their archives in RSS- and HTML-formats:

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GANA's Website introduction   

Under the Poems-index you will find:

A couple of poems....

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GANA's Website introduction   
Who _were_ we?

Information on the Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance....


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